Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome to Browne Hypnosis Center

Welcome to Browne Hypnosis Center and Our New Blog

We help people who want to overcome the obstacles in their lives that are keeping them from achieving their dreams.  We do this by using powerful, language techniques to completely remove their behavioral or emotional issues, which are negatively impacting their lives.  We are able to help them change their behavior or resolve their emotion issues so they can achieve their heart's desires.  

One client said to John:  "Where were you thirty years ago, when I needed you?"  This was after he was free of an emotional issue, which had negatively impacted his life for the past 30 years. 

We have been Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists for over 17 years with an amazing success rate.  We are highly trained Master Practitioners in several Holistic Healing Modalities that are complimentary to traditional medicine.  We frequently combine healing modalities in our sessions depending on individual client's needs and desires.

Please visit the tabs at the top of this blog for further information about us and the various healing modalities we offer.  We offer sessions by phone as well as sessions in person.
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