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John Browne
About John

I have had a varied business career beginning with being a Registered Representative for a stock brokerage company in the early 1970's, a National Bank Examiner, Commercial Banker, Asset Based Lender, Financial Business Consultant, and a licensed Real Estate Agent here in Southern California. 

I am now certified and practice as: a Master Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Time Empowerment™  Practitioner,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping) practitioner.
I am also a Vietnam Veteran, who had to be resuscitated from a traumatic head injury in 1969, which was my first direct experience with the spiritual world.  

It took me many years before I could discuss this with anyone who would understand this side of life, so I just buried it until it would no longer allow me to avoid dealing with the reality of its presence and influence on my life's work.

I never thought of myself as a "farmer" or a "country" person, since I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs.  Now I find I enjoy being both here in Phelan, California, a small country town just west of Victorville, California.  We live in the "High Desert" of Southern California on our Alpaca Ranch and enjoy our solitude and quiet nights with incredible numbers of stars in the sky shining on our piece of heaven in this wonder of creation called Earth.

I have a heart for those of us who need a helping hand when it comes to overcoming obstacles in our lives and have had major successes in seeing people's lives changed for the better.  Seemingly miraculous changes frequently occur with our clients, which constantly amazes me and keeps me going with excitement at our healing ranch.

Marti Browne
About Marti

Once a "City Girl" from Glendale, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, leading a professional life in the apparel industry not only as a major department store retail buyer, but also as a designer and head of merchandising and sales in several ladies apparel companies in the apparel industry and traveling all over the world...Now a "Country Girl" settled in the small town of Phelan in the High Desert of Southern CA with my wonderful husband, John, on our Holistic Healing Ranch with alpacas, horses, chickens, kitties and one golden retriever.

The vicissitudes of life have given me so many wonderful fulfilling and challenging experiences.  I am truly blessed.  I have had many challenges along my journey in life and some even life threatening which has led me to be on the spiritual path that I am currently enjoying.  Certainly never a dull moment...that is for sure. 

One of my favorite quotes from Winston Churchill that I live by is, "Never, never, never give up!"  So when there have been times that I have felt like "throwing in the towel", that quote comes to the forefront of my mind and I press on!

I was never able to have my own biological children and so I have been blessed to have been able to adopt one of our foster children.  What an adventure that has been....so full of learning experiences that I never would have gotten to experience otherwise...for my daughter, Meagan, I am so grateful.
Our beautiful daughter, Meagan and her llama, Checkers

I've been blessed with several successful careers, lived in 3 different states in the United States, (Missouri, Kansas & California), traveled to 49 of the 50 states in the USA (all but Maine so far) and have traveled to 17 countries....of course I still have a few places I'd love to travel to that are on "My Bucket List".

My husband, John, and I own Browne Hypnosis Center in Phelan, CA and are both certified Master Hypnotherapists, Master NLP, Time Empowerment and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioners, Reiki Masters and Teachers as well as Certified Akashic Records Practitioners.  John is also an NLP, Time Empowerment and Hypnosis Master Trainer.

After me being in the apparel industry and also having a B.S. in Education (teaching degree) and John having his MBA in finance and having been in Banking, Business Consulting and Real Estate, we've both discovered that the love of our life is helping people overcome obstacles in their lives so they can discover their true heart's desires and live the lives of their dreams.  Therefore, our focus in these golden years of our lives is in Holistic Healing - Energy Healing that is complimentary with traditional medicine.

We both do individual holistic healing sessions with people, put on seminars and workshops periodically and have a Meetup group that meets in our home called Manifesting Your Dreams....plus enjoy our ranch.

I also have another love of my life which is my Fiber Art Business.  I've been creative ever since I can remember...it all started with getting "Hand-Me-Down Clothes from my three older sisters...I never wanted anyone to know I got hand-me-downs so I took the clothes apart and made new things out of the fabric...all of which eventually led me into the apparel industry....and now continuing in that venue with a totally different medium...fiber!  I love to spin hand spun yarn, hand dye yarn, roving and other curly fibers.  I also love to knit, weave and crochet hats, scarves, shawls, wall hangings and make wet felted and needle felted items, some of which I sell in my La Tea Da Designs Etsy Shop. I carry spinning and felting supplies in my shop as well for others who enjoy creating fiber art.

My life has been a very unique spiritual journey.  I consider myself to be a spirit being having a human experience.  I am fulfilling my life's purposes and am learning the lessons I came here on this earth to learn.  I am very blessed!

If you are wanting to overcome obstacles in your life, I'm here to support you in living the life of your dreams.  I do phone sessions as well as sessions in person and have clients all over the world. 

For appointments call:
Browne Hypnosis Center
760-868-1434 or 760-265-1055

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